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Red Automotive Surging Ahead with Plans to Make Electric Cars


Australia could be producing its own electric car if Red Automotive technologies has its way

The Australian automotive manufacturing has taken a dive for the worst over the past few years, and once Holden and Toyota close the gates at the production facilities for the last time in October this year, its game over for the Aussie car. Well not quite, if Aussie start up Red Automotive Technologies has its way.

Back in 2015, Red Automotive Technologies stated that it plans to build a range of upmarket electric SUVs and utes with diesel engines as back-up generators. Red Automotive said that their cars will also be capable off-road. The Red Automotive products will be based on a donor car, but the identity of the donor vehicle has been kept a secret.

Paul van de Loo managing director of Red Automotive Technologies and a firm called Applidyne, is spearheading the electric car project, and is trying to secure government funding. It’ll cost $3 million to make a working prototype a reality, and $30 million to get the car on sale.

While government funding would be ideal, van de Loo is depending on capital, and the government’s new crowdfunding scheme for start-ups could be a potential option.

Van de Loo admits that the current federal government is unlikely to back the project, but cross benchers have shown interest.

Bill Buys fell in love with cars at age 8, when he saw one of his relatives racing in a Bugatti in South Africa. He has driven, raced and/or rallied just about every vehicle from Autobianchi to Zundapp since he was first published in the UK’s Motor Sport magazine, in 1956. He is now probably Australia’s oldest (or, if you prefer, most experienced) motoring writer.