Production Mercedes-Benz X-Class Teased


Benz teases production Mercedes-Benz X-Class in dramatic video

Mercedes-Benz continues to drip feed us with imagery of what their all-new ute – sorry, pick up – the Mercedes-Benz X-Class range will look like. Firstly, they showed us the two concept vehicles, one designed to represent sent off-roading and adventure, the other looked like it was dreamt up to parade around the streets of well-heeled suburbs.

In the latest instalment of the X-Class story, Benz has released a video of a production version of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class ahead of its official reveal on the 18th of July.

Although the video is intentionally ambiguous, we do know that the Mercedes ute will bear a closer resemblance to the two concept cars than the current Nissan Navara on which it is based.

On the outside the door skins will be different, as will the tail lights and a big, bold Benz grille is will take pride and centre up front along with unique headlights. The only visual elements shared with the Navara will probably be the tailgate and roof. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is will also share some engines with its Nissan donor car, probably the 2.3 litre turbo diesel.

The X-Class’ cabin hasn’t been teased in the video, but it is anticipated that it will be completely unique.

More information will be available as it comes to hand.

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