Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E to Muscle in on Models S Territory


Porsche Mission E pricing could snare sales from Tesla Model S

Tesla has pretty much had the luxury electric vehicle market to itself for the past few years. But, times are changing. Volvo has announced that all of its vehicles will have some sort of electric propulsion within the next couple of years, and it has launched its high-performance electric brand Polestar, with its very delectable Polestar 1.

Porsche, amongst other prestige car makers wants a slice of the electric action, and Porsche has begun drip feeding details of its Tesla Model S rival, the Porsche Mission E.

The Mission E will be available in three tunes, with the cheapest 300kW version priced at around $75,000 US (around the same as the base Model S) and there’ll be 400kW and 500kW versions, which’ll probably reflect Tesla’s pricing strategy.

Porsche being Porsche, there’ll probably be a wealth of options and power upgrades allowing customers to customise their Mission Es. The aforementioned are most likely to drive the price up north, too.

While power and pricing are said to be similar, driving characteristics are rumoured to be very different. While the Model S is a straight line weapon, the Mission E will allegedly be a long distance cruiser.

And, a key mechanical difference is that Mission E will have a two-speed gearbox, which will allow upshifts at full throttle. Higher spec Mission E models should be able to complete the 0-100km/h dash in around 3.5 seconds, way off the P100D’s 2.3 seconds, but the Mission E is meant to be a long distance continent crushing cruiser.

More to come.

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