Porsche sunglasses

Porsche Customers Awarded Sunglasses


Court forces Porsche to Give Some American Owners Money for Sunglasses…really.

IF you have a Porsche with a light-coloured dashboard and you live in the US, you might be able to get up to US$175 (AU$220) from Porsche Cars North America – so you can buy yourself some decent sunglasses.

In this age of crazy litigation, four owners whose cars had Luxor Beige, Sand Beige, Cognac, Platinum Grey, or Natural Brown dashboards, mounted a class action against Porsche, claiming the dashes were ‘defective’ due to ‘the intensity of reflected images.’

Porsche denied the claims, but to avoid lengthy and costly litigation, voluntary settlement was reached with the German car maker agreeing to pay plaintiffs with a 2007-2016 Porsche with those ‘defective’ dashes ‘for out-of-pocket costs incurred to lessen or minimize windshield reflection/glare.’

Porsche then produced this bit of sage advice to prospective buyers:

“Note: Glass is reflective.

“Certain lighting conditions may cause a lighter color dashboard to produce a noticeable reflection on the inside of the windshield.

“To make certain that you are satisfied with your selection, ask your Porsche dealer to arrange a test drive experience in a variety of conditions, including with the use of polarized sunglasses.”

Alternatively, pick a Porker with a dash colour other than Luxor Beige, Sand Beige, Cognac, Platinum Grey, and Natural Brown.

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