Car News

Holden Commodore Names Lives On

Holden to retain “Commodore” badge for next large car.

2016 Ford GT

Ford’s new  GT supercar looks to be a masterpiece

Detroit Auto Show: Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai Santa Cruz concept signals Korean giant’s attempt to enter the utility market

Subaru Outback Australiana

Subaru devises clever Subaru Outback Australiana marketing jingle to promote new Outback

Porsche Billboard Flatters Owners

Porsche billboard “recognises” customers

CES: Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

Benz says F 015 Luxury in Motion window into the future of luxury motoring

Hyundai Exobaby

Hyundai Uses Pooping Robotic Hyundai Exobaby to Demonstrate Safety Technology

EMC2 and Lotus F1 Team Truck Jump

EMC2 joins forces with Lotus F1 Team to set a new truck jumping record

Dual-Clutch Volvo FH Truck Races A Koenigsegg

Volvo Trucks pits their new FH with a dual-clutch gear box against a bonkers Swedish mega car

Range Rover Sport 2015 Range Shake Up

A hybrid version, better value and greater customisation for the Range Rover Sport premium off-roader in 2015.