Car News

Subaru “Test Drive at Yours” Program Expands

Subaru “Test Drive at Yours” program to be implemented nationwide 

New Golf GTI Goes on Sale

New 2019 model Golf GTI priced from just $47,990 for a limited time only 

Jaguar Straight Six Returns with Ingenium Six Cylinder

Jaguar expands Ingenium engine family with new straight Ingenium six twin charged and electrically boosted Ingenium engine 

Tesla Releases in Car Fart Machine

Tesla has launched a new Easter Egg, called “Emissions Testing Mode” which is basically an in car fart machine 

Holden for Sale?

Inchcape is going to have a mammoth task on its hands if it buys Holden, writes Matt Calvitto 

Ford Mustang Supercar Revealed

 The Ford Mustang Supercar has been officially unveiled ahead of the 2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship

Hyundai Tucson N in the Works

Hyundai is developing a go fast Tucson N, that will kick out 255kW!

VW Multivan Gets Porsche Turbo the TH Automobile TH2

German tuner TH Automobile stuffs a Porsche turbo into a VW Multivan and calls it the TH2 

Future Teslas to have Built in Dash Cam with Sentry Mode

After market dash cams could be a thing of the past for Tesla owners thanks to Sentry Mode

Ford Ka Gets Barra Engine Swap to Create Barraka

Wild Barraka could make you Ka Ka