New BMW M5 Completes Record Drift


New BMW M5 completes quite a lengthy drift.

The new BMW M5 has just set quite an interesting world record. It has drifted for eight hours non-stop around BMW’s Performance Center in Greer, North Carolina. The total drift length was a staggering 374.2 kilometres, landing the Beemer a place in the Guiness World Records.

The M5 was piloted by instructor Johan Schwartz and in order for Schwartz to complete the lengthy drift, his car was refueled on the move, by another BMW M5 fitted with a custom refueling system developed by Detroit Speed.

The second car, driven by BMW Performance Center, Matt Mullins, had to carefully match the speed and movements of the first to ensure the refuelling process was completed safely and successfully. This carefully choreographed dance between the two cars earned BMW a second Guiness World Record: longest twin vehicle water-assisted drift. Schwartz and Mullins drifted together side by side for one hour and a total of 79.3 kilometres.

Watch the action here:

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