Volkswagen R

More Volkswagen R Models are Coming!


A whole range of Volkswagen R models could soon become available 

Volkswagen only applies “R” badging to its most powerful and sportiest models. And over the brand’s history, only a handful of models have worn such nomenclature, namely the Golf R32, the Passat R36 and the Touareg R50 and the Scirocco R.

All of these models are dead. And the Golf R is the only Volkswagen model in the range. However, it looks like this is about to change. Car and Driver reports that a chap by the name of Jost Capito is returning to Volkswagen after a very brief stint at McLaren to head up the Volkswagen R division.

Under Mr Capito’s reign we could see an even faster Golf R, a Tiguan R, a T-Roc (VW’s new micro SUV) and a Touareg R.

They may even soup the slinky new Arteon which will be predictably called the Arteon R. The Arteon R will probably be powered by a high-po V6. This is a good thing.

Mr Capito’s resume certainly suggests he has the skills to make this Volkswagen R thing happen – he was head of Volkswagen motorsport before he left for McLaren in 2016. Then McLaren gave him the boot and now he’s back at VW.

Whether Volkswagen will go ahead with a Volkswagen R range is unknown, but it’d be nice.

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