Mercedes-AMG Project One

Frankfurt Motor Show: Mercedes-AMG Project One


Mercedes unleashes Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar at Frankfurt, boasting a drivetrain lifted straight from its F07 Formula 1 car and 750kW

Mercedes-AMG confirmed that it was working on a world first –  hypercar that would share a powertrain with the brand’s V6 Formula 1 racers. At the 2017 Frankfurt motor show, this car was finally unveiled. Enter the Mercedes-AMG Project one.

Powered by a 1.6 litre V6 equipped with an enormous electric turbocharger in conjunction with four electric motors, the Project One’s drivetrain produces a combined 750kW. And yes, that drivetrain is exactly the same as the one found in Mercedes-AMG’s F1 racers.

That V6 powers the rear wheels and will rev to a dizzying 11,000rpm redline. As for those electric motors, one is in the turbo, one is bolted on to the combustion engine and the other two mounted on the front wheels powering the front wheels. Mercedes says it’ll rocket – may be whoosh is more appropriate – from 0 to 200km/h in under six seconds. That’s less than most normal cars take to reach 100km/h. The drivetrain is paired to an eight-speed automated manual transmission.

The Project One has a green and eco-friendly side too, as it is able to be driven on solely electric power for up to 25 kilometres.

The F1 tech doesn’t stop there. There’s also inboard pushrod suspension and a host of exotic materials.

Inside, there’s an F1-style steering wheel and the interior is as minimalistic yet functional as possible to save weight.

As you would expect, the Mercedes-AMG Project One will be hugely exclusive and expensive. Mercedes is just making 275 left-hand drive only examples and deliveries will start from late 2019, and eight have been snapped up eight Australians, who have slapped down a $500,000 deposit even before seeing, touching or driving the car and the total purchase price could blowout to $5million, including taxes and other government charges.

Lucky for some…

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