Mercedes-AMG GT Exhaust Noise Uncorked


Mercedes-AMG stirs fans with super coupe’s Merces-AMG GT ‘s V8 growl

Engine noise is one element every car manufacturer tries to perfect and finesse, so that their products can be distinguished, even with the eyes closed. Ferrari has its wail and AMG V8s have that thunderous bellow. The German tuning firm has released a recording of the engine of its forthcoming 911-fighter, the much anticipated Mercedes-AMG GT. Merc has previously shown pictures of the cockpit and now it has released this video.

There is also speculation that the car will be officially unveiled around September and, it could make its first public appearance at the Paris Motor Show and the car will use AMG’s new twin-turbo 4.0 litre V8, which will be available in a couple of different tunes, to make sure the GT is line ball with its Porsche rival.

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