Mercedes-AMG GT and the Circuit of the Americas


New Porsche 911 fighter at full noise around a race track in the Mercedes-AMG GT and the Circuit of the Americas video

Mercedes-AMG has teased the international motoring community with pictures of its new Porsche 911 rivalling GT’s interior, engine specifics and even a teaser clip of the new coupe’s exhaust note.

Now, after the car’s international debut,  Mercedes has released a video of the new Mercedes-AMG GT supercar pounding around the Circuit of the Americas. Clever camera angles reiterate that the new coupe is a considerable departure from the retro-inspired SLS.

There’s a hint of the SL-Class around the front, the side profile and boot even have a hint of the eternally beautiful Jaguar E-Type. The taillights aren’t to dissimilar too those on the S-Class coupe. Oh, and the video also confirms that the new 4.0 litre twin-turbo AMG V8 maintains the tuner’s famed tradition of thunderous exhaust notes. Kick back and turn your speakers up.

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