Mercedes Announces Hybrid Mercedes-AMG E53


Hybrid Mercedes-AMG E53 to slot between E43 and batboy E63

Mercedes launched the Mercedes-AMG E43 a couple of years ago for shoppers who wanted a fast E-Class but didn’t necessarily want the sheer brawn – or expense – of the monster Mercedes-AMG E63.

Now, Mercedes has added its new 3.0 litre inline six with two turbos, with an electric compressor to aid boost at lower revs. The drivetrain is considered a mild hybrid, as there’s an electric motor that replaces the starter motor and alternator, it can also give you a boost of 15kW and 249Nm under hard acceleration. The name for the new ecofriendly hot rod is the Mercedes-AMG E53. Which, as the name suggests, will sit between the E43 and E63.

Regenerative braking helps charge the E53 battery, so you never have to plug in your E53 to a wall. Total power equates to 319kW and a muscular 520Nm of torque and all that power is put to the road via Mercedes’ 4MATIC all-wheel drive system.

Visual upgrades include a couple of power bulges on the bonnet, a circular design for the exhaust tips and a more pronounced read diffuser, along with some mild interior upgrades.

Expect the E53 to arrive in Australia in form around late 2019 potentially in coupe, convertible and sedan form.

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