Mercedes-AMG Project One Drivetrain

Mercedes-AMG Confirms F1 power for Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar


Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar to be powered by F1-inspired hybrid drivetrain

Mercedes-AMG hinted a little while ago that they’re upcoming Project One will be powered by a drivetrain that’s very similar to the one in Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One car. We scoffed. Formula One drivetrains are demanding and dramatic, they’d never scope in traffic and less than ideal conditions on the road. Happily, we were wrong.

AMG boss Tobias Moers has confirmed that the Mercedes-AMG Project will in fact be powered a 1.6 litre V6 with an electric turbocharger and an 80kW electric motor. Combined, the two motors will produce over 1000bhp, or 745kW. 745kW!

That V6 will rev all the way to a dizzying 11,000rpm and if you’re feeling particularly environmentally conscious, the Mercedes-AMG Project One will hum along using only the electric motors for 25 kilometres.

The cells in the batteries are identical to those in Lewis’ car, and are made in the same English factory.

Moers has said that the hybrid drivetrain will be mated to a conventional eight-speed automatic – a dual clutch wouldn’t be able to handle the grunt – and the car will have suspension that adapts according to the selected driving mode.

That’s all we know for now. More news as we get it.  

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