Mazda triple boost

Mazda Triple Boost Engine Patented


Mazda has filed a patent to build a Mazda triple boost engine a twin-turbo diesel with an electric supercharger

Mazda seems to be stepping up its engine game lately, first with the clever SKYACTIV-X technology, and now it has filed a patent for a tripe boost engine with twin-turbo diesel with an electric supercharger.

Yes, that does sound impressive. The triple boost patent suggests that the electric supercharger will be used lower down in the rev range – when there isn’t enough gas spinning through the two turbos – this improves drivability at lower engine speeds.

When the revs are higher and gases are pumping through the turbos, the supercharger isn’t really needed, and as such goes offline.

The supercharger and turbo trio not only enhances responsiveness, but reduces fuel consumption and increases engine efficiency.

A similar set up can be found in the Audi SQ7 V8. The patent also reveals that the engine is to be bolted into an engine bay at a north/south orientation and the only product in Mazda’s line-up that runs a north/south engine arrangement is the BT-50.

So if and when this engine goes into production, it could make life very difficult for the likes of the Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Ford Ranger, and even the upcoming Benz X-Class.

The all-new Mazda BT-50 will go on sale in 2019, and will share its underpinnings with the Isuzu D-MAX as opposed to its previous twin-under the skin, the Ford Ranger.

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