Mazda Announces Super-Efficient SKYACTIV-X Engines


 Mazda’s new SKYACTIV-X petrol engine range to deliver better responsiveness and much improved efficiency

Mazda likes petrol engines. So in order to keep the combustion engine relevant, they’ve made some dramatic changes – enter the SKYACTIV-X petrol engine. The SKYACTIV-X petrol engine will go on sale from 2019 and is the first petrol engine to ignite the fuel-air mixture when it is compressed by the pistons – in much the same way as a diesel engine. There are still spark plugs, and these are involved in a separate ignition method called Spark Controlled Ignition.

Mazda is keeping further specifics quiet, but it is rumoured that the new engine will be fitted with a supercharger to bolster performance, and it is speculated that torque will be up by around 30 per cent and fuel economy is said to improve by around 20 to 30 per cent over their current SKYACTIV-G powerplants. A considerable saving at the bowser.

Thanks to Mazda’s partnership with Toyota, electric cars will also become available from 2019, as the brand works to reduce its carbon footprint and improve efficiency.

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