Mercedes F1

Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes F1 Car Up for Grabs


You can now buy Lewis Hamilton’s 2013 W04 Mercedes F1 car

Have you ever looked at Mercedes’ product portfolio and thought that none of their cars are fast enough, angry enough or even loud enough? Well, you’re in luck, Mercedes-Benz All Time Stars sales branch has just listed Lewis Hamilton’s 2013 W04 Mercedes F1 car for sale.

The W04 is based on the 2012 W03 design, and features a revised five-element front wing, front thrust-arm suspension, rear strut rod suspension and a second generation Coanda exhaust. Said exhaust trumpets the sweet, sweet music of that ear melting 2.4 litre Mercedes-Benz V8, which develops 819hp or 610kW.

It is worth noting though, that it isn’t one of Lewis Hamilton’s championship winning cars – Mercedes didn’t start crushing the opposition until 2014, when Formula 1 introduced the V6 hybrid drivetrains.


Mercedes says that car can’t be raced or road registered, but if you can afford something like this, surely you’ll be able to change that, right?

And the price? Well, it’s not listed, but we’re guessing it’ll be more expensive than an A180…

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