One million kilometre Discovery

Land Rover Discovery Clocks Up One Million Kilometres


Land Rover Discovery II attains the holy grail of motoring – one million kilometres 

Ex QANTAS pilot Harry has a special Land Rover. A 2004 Land Rover Discovery Series II to be exact, that is powered by Land Rover’s ye olde 2.5 litre five-cylinder turbo diesel that produces a meagre 101kW @ 4,200rpm and 300Nm @ 1,950rpm. But it is this Landy that has powered the Discovery to one million kilometres. Yes, one million big ones.

To put that distance into perspective, that’s a trip to the moon and back 1.3 times, and Harry has driven the Landy around Australian about four times. The majority of the kilometres have been clocked up around Sydney and other parts of New South Wales, the state where Harry resides.

During that time the Discovery has gone through two automatic transmissions and a number of other replaced, but the head and block are untouched.

The key to such incredible longevity is correct maintenance. Selecting a reputable dealership and specialist that thoroughly understands your vehicle and has the correct tools, software and equipment to properly execute repairs.

Oh, in case you were wondering what happened to the odometer when the Discovery hit that magical 1,000,000 kilometres? Well the clock stops at 999,999 and doesn’t return to zero; the only way of keeping track of the kays from that point is the trip computer.

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