Jeep Wrangler Ute

Jeep Wrangler Ute Teased


Jeep JL Wrangler Forums provide rendered images of the upcoming two door  Jeep Wrangler Ute 

Renowned Jeep Wrangler enthusiast forum, JL Wrangler Forums have produced some rather realistic rendered images of how the all-new Jeep Wrangler ute might look.

The JL Wrangler will be a styling evolution over the current JK version, and forum posters suggest that the pick up – or ute if you’re an Aussie – will share the standard Wrangler’s grille, windscreen, bumpers, new LED headlights, fenders – essentially the whole front half of the standard Wrangler.

However, the two door Jeep Wrangler ute will have its own unique beltline and will do without the vents in the front fenders.

The edge of the bed is rumoured to be angle-cut to follow the tailgate, and there’ll be new door hinges and handles.

Jeep Wrangler

A dual cab Jeep Wrangler ute is also on the horizon and is said to roll into local showrooms in 2019, and Jeep is said to have made use of Aussie design input. If and when a two door Jeep Wrangler ute does make into production or if it’ll arrive in Australia is yet to be determined.

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