Jaguar Land Rover Unveiled Sayer Steering Wheel Concept


Jaguar Land Rover Sayer steering wheel concept could point to the future

Imagine a steering wheel – yes, a steering wheel – that could help you organise meetings, arrange a romantic dinner with a special someone and more, all through voice command. It’s like a personal assistant and much more. This is what Jaguar Land Rover is proposing with its Sayer steering wheel concept.

The Sayer will be fittingly revealed at the Tech Fest at Central St Martins art, design and technology college in London, UK and it will be a part of the Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE concept, which is meant to encapsulate how Jaguar Land Rover envisages transportation will look in the year 2040 and beyond.

Jaguar Land Rover suggests that Sayer will connect Jaguar Land Rover customers to a club, which allows customers to own the own car or to share with others amongst the community. If should choose this option, Sayer will order a car to your door when needed.

Once you climb in, Sayer will take over the driving – cars in 2040 and beyond will use autonomous driving technologies, of course – but for people who actually like to drive themselves, Sayer will choose routes that may be entertaining for humans and will even let occupants take over to they can have some good old-fashioned driver enjoyment.

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