Enzo Ferrari

The Italian Mafia and Enzo Ferrari


A gangster-style group tried to kidnap old man Enzo Ferrari for ransom

ITALIAN police have arrested a gang of more than 30 in a firearms and drug trafficking raid – but also uncovered a bizarre plot to steal the body of Enzo Ferrari.

Police said the raid was at Nuoro, a town in Sardinia, and the 34 people arrested were members of Anonima Sequestri, a Mafia-style organisation with a penchant for kidnapping prominent folk and demanding ransom.

Enzo Ferrari died in 1988 at age 90 after making his racing and sports cars one of the world’s most famous brands.

Police said the Sequestri planned to steal Ferrari’s casket, which is in an above-ground family tomb in the San Cataldo cemetery in Modena, near the Ferrari plant at Maranello, and then blackmail the Ferrari family for its return.

They gave no more details about the plot but said it was discovered during an investigation into arms and drug trafficking.

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