Hyundai Pick Up

Hyundai Santa Cruz-Style Hyundai Pick Up Confirmed for Production


Hyundai Pick Up will go into production

Hyundai is about to join the likes of just about every other manufacturer on the market and produce its first Hyundai pick up. The Hyundai pick up will be based on the Santa Cruz concept, and it’ll be more your lifestyle kind of pick up, rather than your rough and ready workhorse.

The Hyundai pick up should arrive in showrooms sometime in 2020, and it is designed to improve the Korean brand’s market share in the United States and, rumours suggest that the lifestyle-focussed won’t make it to Australia, which also hints that it will also be American-made.

While Hyundai won’t confirm that another commercial-based ute, it is believed that one could be developed for Australia.

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