Hyundai to Offer Autonomous Cars by 2021


 Hyundai joins forces with tech firm Aurora to deliver self-driving cars by 2021. 

If you buy a new Hyundai in 2021, there’s a good chance it will be able to drive itself. Hyundai has just announced that it has teamed up with a company called Aurora, an expert in automated vehicle technology, to produce level 4 self-driving cars by the year 2021.

Level 4 automated driving means that the car can drive itself in selected conditions without any driver input. The partnership between the two companies will focus on developing hardware and software necessary for Level 4 automation and will help ensure that the self-driving tech is rolled out quickly and effectively – i.e Hyundai wants to be ahead of the oack.

Aurora has been heavily involved in automated vehicle technology for 20 years and they claim they have pioneered machine learning techniques, to help our cars drive us in the future.

“Aurora is excited to partner with Hyundai Motor to make the social benefits of self-driving available globally,” said Dr. Chris Urmson, CEO of Aurora. “This partnership combines Hyundai’s strengths in vehicle design, safety and manufacturing with Aurora’s expertise in self-driving technologies to make a positive difference in the world.”

“We know the future of transportation is autonomous, and autonomous driving technology needs to be proven in the real-world to accelerate deployment in a safe and scalable manner,” added Dr. Woong Chul Yang, Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor. “Combining our advanced vehicle technology that embeds the latest safety features with Aurora’s leading suite of Level 4 autonomous technology will advance this revolution in mobility with Hyundai in a leadership position.”

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