Hyundai NEXO

Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell Car Confirmed for Production


Hyundai’s second gen electric fuel cell car, the Hyundai NEXO will go into production, with the ACT government to trial in 2019 

Hyundai has revealed details of its NEXO electric/fuel cell car, which will serve as Hyundai’s technological flagship and will be one of 18 eco-friendly models to go on sale by the year 2025.

The Hyundai NEXO drivetrain consists of a hydrogen fuel cell which powers an electric motor. The NEXO’s range is around 800 kilometres and takes only three minutes to refuel. But most crucially for an eco-focussed car is that the only substances that comes out of the exhaust pipe is water vapour. How eco-friendly is that!

Hyundai says that the NEXO is built on a bespoke platform and Hyundai says the NEXO’s drivetrain is good for 135kW and 394Nm. The 0-100km/h dash is completed in around 9.5 seconds.

There’s other clever tech, too. There’s Blind-spot View Monitor (BVM), which is an industry first, and BVM builds upon blind spot monitoring by projecting images of the side and rear of the vehicle from cameras mounted around the car.

Additionally, lane keep assist that helps the NEXO stay in the middle of its lane even around bends and you can even park and retrieve the NEXO remotely.

Inside, Hyundai has gone upmarket, and there’s something unmistakably Lexus about the cabin design.

Hyundai Australia is yet to confirm whether the Hyundai NEXO will be available to Australian consumers, but they will be supplying 20 NEXOs to the ACT government in 2019 for evaluation.

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