Hyundai IONIQ Electric Car Details Unveiled


Hyundai releases imagery and specifications of new Hyundai IONIQ electric car range

Hyundai Group is set to roll out a number of high tech electric vehicles that will wear the “IONIQ” badge. A number of drivetrains will be available in the five door body including electric, plugin hybrid and hybrid.

Hyundai IONIQ

Plugin hybrid and hybrid versions will also feature the world’s highest thermal efficiency (40%) 1.6 litre petrol engine specifically developed for the IONIQ and combined with the electric motor, power outputs are 77kW and 32kW respectively.

A dual clutch transmission keeps the IONIQ moving, and the body is formed from 53% Advanced High Strength Steel and lightweight aluminium, and Hyundai says a sporty driving experience was a key aspect of IONIQ’s design, process and the batteries have been mounted low in the chassis to reduce the car’s centre of gravity, and there is dual lower arm multi-link suspension fitted at the rear.

Whether the IONIQ will make it to Australia and the drivetrains offered have yet to be confirmed, but the hybrid variant will be the first model to go on sale internationally.

Rag Jung, Head of Project Management Division at Hyundai Motor R&D Centre said, “IONIQ embodies Hyundai Motor’s new thinking and bold ambitions for the future. This world-class dedicated hybrid will be the starting point of our future mobility.”

Hyundai IONIQ interior

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