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Hyundai to Debut Autonomous IONIQ at CES


Hyundai showcases autonomous IONIQ models at CES

Hyundai will use the Consumer Electronics and Show (CES) in Las Vegas to showcase its progression in autonomous driving technology with a fleet of Hyundai IONIQ self-driving electric cars giving visitors to the show test drives on streets around the CES venue.

Hyundai’s autonomous driving system centres around LiDAR technology (a laser and radar-based detection system) which works in conjunction with a GPS antenna to assess road curvature, gradient and lane width to help navigate the car more effectively and a lane departure warning system that should stop the car accidentally merging into things.

Autonomous IONIQ

The new technology fitted to the autonomous IONIQ is also said to be able to negotiate complex pedestrian traffic, traffic lights, road signs, roundabouts, speed humps, animals and even intersections that do not have traffic lights.

The system is hidden behind the IONIQ’s front bumper, rather than being bulkily mounted on the roof to maintain the car’s distinctively slippery shape and the autonomous IONIQ makes use of the standard production car’s adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist cameras.

Whilst inside CES, visitors can get a better understanding of LiDar via virtual reality at Hyundai’s show stand.

Hyundai’s autonomous driving tech is said to be in its advanced stages of development, but the brand is working to reduce the system’s computing power and thereby making the system more affordable to consumers.

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