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Hybrid Ford Mustang Confirmed


Hybrid Ford Mustang confirmed, and it’ll hit the streets as soon as 2020

 If you thought the four-cylinder EcBoost Ford Mustang was controversial – it’s surprisingly good, actually – Motor Authority has confirmed that a hybrid Ford Mustang will be available as early as 2020.

It’s not all bad news though, electric motors offer the advantage of instant torque off the line, so mated to the right conventional combustion engine the hybrid Mustang could be quite the performance powerhouse.

Ford has been sketchy with specifics on the hybrid Mustang, and there’s no word on what combustion engine will go under the bonnet, however the EcoBoost’s 2.3 litre four-cylinder turbo unit that develops 233kW @ 5700rpm and 432Nm @ 3000rpm seems like a logical choice, especially as it serves up decent grunt without the assistance of an electric motor.

The hybrid Ford Mustang will undoubtedly be more efficient than its V8 and EcoBoost brothers but we’re not sure what Ford will do when it comes to noise.

More news when it comes to hand.

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