Chevrolet Camaro

HSV Reveals Camaro Pricing


HSV-engineered Camaro to be priced from $86,000 when it arrives down under 

HSV has confirmed that the Chevrolet Camaro will cost $86,000 when it arrives in Australia, about $20,000 more than its arch nemesis, the Ford Mustang GT, which lobs in at around $66,000.

The Camaro will only be imported in one trim level, the 2SS, which will be equipped with heated and cooled seats, a heated steering wheel, dual zone climate control, wireless phone charging, four different driving modes, a Bose stereo and an inbuilt garage door opener. The only option will be metallic paint, which’ll set you back an extra $850. Oh, and don’t forget that 6.2 litre V8.

The reasons for the price premium over the ‘Stang are complex. Only 550 Camaros will come into the country over the first few years of the program, HSV will have to buy stock from the US, battle with exchange rates and then ship the cars to Oz.

Then there are also associated tooling and labour costs to make sure the Australian delivered Camaros are converted to right hand drive correctly. HSV says that it takes around 100 man hours of labour to ensure everything is just right. Then there is the cost of warranty and luxury car tax, and there you have it a $20,000 premium.

Ford’s Mustang is made in right hand drive from the factory, hence the cheaper asking price.

Question is, is the Camaro worth the extra cash?

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