Holden Here to Stay


GM Executives confirm that Holden here to stay, and pledge an annual $120 million investment for design and development locally 

The future of Holden isn’t so grim after all, and despite an abundance of rumours that the Holden name’s days are limited and tumbling sales, GM executives emphasise the importance of Holden’s local design and development centre for not only Australia but for the rest of the world.

Holden is also employing an additional 150 engineers – increasing the total workforce to 500 – to ramp up its man power for the design and development for new products, some of which will include 20 electric cars, which GM plans to release by 2023. Some of these electric cars will be available in Holden showrooms. Autonomous vehicles will be thrown in the mix, too.

“We can expect to see more change in the next five years than we’ve seen in the past 50. Holden engineers will play a vital and key role for General Motors’ future vehicles” GM head of global development and former Holden chief Mark Reuss told news.com.au.

 And don’t expect to see the Holden Lion to be swapped for the Chevy bowtie anytime soon, either, with Reuss adamant that the Holden name is here to stay.


Mark Reuss. Source: news.com.au

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