Holden 60 Day Policy

Holden Announces 60 Day Policy


If you buy a new Holden and experience any major issues within the first 60 days, Holden will replace or refund under its new 60 Day Policy

 Holden has been under investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for violation of a number of consumer laws for not repairing cars under warranty that were maintained at service centres outside Holden’s dealer network, along with refusing to repair cars that were purchased second hand.

Holden has been completely cooperative with the ACCC, and as a result of the ACCC investigation, Holden has made a turnaround by launching what it calls the 60 Day Policy.

Put simply, the 60 Day Policy means that if you buy a new Holden and have severe issues – that can’t be successfully rectified – within the first 60 days of ownership, Holden will refund or replace your vehicle.

“Holden has offered an undertaking that goes beyond ensuring compliance with the current consumer guarantee obligations and commits to measures in line with recommended changes to the law. These are great commitments that will have a significant and positive impact for consumers.” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said.

Holden has also promised to step its customer service and experience, and it asserts that it stands by all of its new products “Holden will soon announce further details of an expanded customer care program for our customers. We want all Holden customers to be assured that they will be looked after in areas such as warranty, roadside assistance and the cost of servicing their vehicle” explained Holden’s executive director of customer experience, Peter Jamieson.

“Today we are announcing an industry-leading 60-Day Policy to reinforce our commitment to customers. Our dealer teams and the teams supporting our dealers want every customer to get the most out of their Holden vehicle. Our 60-Day Policy says to our customers and dealers – we stand behind our products” Jamieson added.

Additional information on the 60 Day Policy will be provided as it comes to hand.

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