Hamburg Says “Nein” to Diesel


Hamburg to phase out diesel from May 31

Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg, will place a ban on some diesel vehicles from the 31st of May. The ban only effects diesel vehicles produced before 2009 and only meet Euro 5 emissions.

The ban is only in place along two streets in the city, and signs are in place to suggest detours for drivers.

The ban has been implemented in response to the whole VW emissions saga, and growing concern around high pollution levels in German cities, with a number of cities exceeding pollution limits set by the European Union.

Hamburg’s diesel ban has received mixed criticism. Environmentalists are saying that the detours will increase congestion around other parts of the city, and that air pollution levels in other parts of Hamburg still exceed EU limits.

Reducing diesel traffic is just one measure councils are taking to reduce pollution levels. Some are introducing electric buses, power points for electric cars and even encouraging people to get on their bikes.


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