Great Wall Wants to Buy Jeep


Great Wall has approached FCA wanting to buy its SUV brand, Jeep

FiatChrysler Group (FCA) has made no secret that it is looking for a business partner, and we recently reported that a number of Chinese companies were interested in doing business with the Italian-American giant, although it wasn’t clear as to whether the Chinese brands wanted to work together with FCA as part of a joint venture, to purchase one of their many brands or to buy the whole group.

Automotive News reports that Great Wall has approached FCA and has expressed an interest in buying Jeep, and only Jeep.

There is no word on the specifics of the deal, but both Jeep and Great Wall share similar objectives: both make SUVs, but at very different price points and for different markets.

Great Wall specialises in cheap 4x4s and utes such as the Steed and its luxury division Haval focuses on SUV that offer primarily Chinese customers plenty of value and luxury for a relative bargain price. Some Haval models have genuine off-road ability, as is the case with the Haval H9.

Jeep on the other hand, makes soft roaders such as the Renegade, right up to the coveted and completely mental Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

Whether FCA wants to part with Jeep is unknown, as Jeep is one of FCA’s most valuable brands and perhaps the group’s most successful.

More information as it comes to hand.

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