John Cena

Ford Sues John Cena for Selling Ford GT


Ford Motor Company and John Cena are in a legal battle over Cena selling his Ford GT

The second generation of the reborn Ford GT is an exclusive supercar. The automotive giant plans to build 1,000 examples over four years, with production winding up around 2020. Ford originally planned to make 500 speed machines, but demand was that high, they decided to make a few extra to satisfy customer hunger.

And we don’t blame rich petrol heads for wanting a piece of Ford GT action – the supercar’s twin turbo EcoBoost V6 pumps out around about 482kW and if you’re in the US at least, you’ll have to cough up $460,000 for the privilege. US wrestling and rapping superstar had such funds, so he bought himself a Ford GT.

But Cena didn’t stroll into his local Ford dealer and pick out his GT. Oh no. Because demand for the GT is so high – Ford has had around 6,500 enquiries – they chose who is worthy of Ford GT ownership and they made customers go through a vetting process which includes discussing previous association with Ford products and photo and video submissions. Sounds lame, but people will do anything to own such a piece of automotive art.

Should you be selected, there’s a clause in the sales contract that stipulates that owners can’t sell their GT within the first 24 months of ownership. In other words, you need to keep your Ford GT for at least two years.

John Cena sold his after a few weeks. So now Ford Motor Company is suing him. Ford believes he tried to “flip” the car for a profit, a common practice with people buying rare cars. Ford also believes he misrepresented the brand and unjustly profited from the vehicle’s sale.

More to come.

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