Ford Barraka

Ford Ka Gets Barra Engine Swap to Create Barraka


Wild Barraka could make you Ka Ka 

The Ford Ka was an oddly styled small car that was imported from Europe and sold in Australia from between 1999 and 2002. The Ford Ka was powered by a 1.3 litre four-cylinder engine that produced around 43kW. Not exactly something that’ll get the pulse racing.

Perhaps something that will get the pulse racing is the Barraka. Yes, as the name suggests. A bunch of chaps have slotted a 4.0 litre Barra six under the bonnet. Well, sort of under the bonnet. They’ve ripped out the old 1.3 litre lump and slotted in the big six in the engine bay, but a large portion of the engine sits in the cabin, with Barraka’s creators creating supports so the engine doesn’t collide with occupants. We’re not so sure that this is road legal.

Ford Barraka

A diff has been fitted at the rear to ensure mad skids.

The car was seen laying rubber at the TGI Fryday burnouts event, held January 18 at the Stawell Motorsport Club in Victoria.

We’re not sure how much power the Barraka’s engine produces, but in stardard form, the Barra six produces around 180kW. In a car weighing less than 1,000kg stock, this is hefty.

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