Drift Stick

Ford Announces Drift Stick for Focus RS


Order a Drift Stick for your Focus RS and you too can look like Ken Block…maybe

Ford has announced an accessory that may have caught everyone by surprise, the Drift Stick. The Drift Stick is a metallic handle that electronically locks the car’s rear wheels when the driver selects Drift Mode in their Focus RS to allow for tighter angles and quicker slides. Awesome.

Traditionally, handbrakes in rally cars a hydraulic, but as the conventional park brake in the Focus RS is electronic, Ford’s engineers had to develop the Drift Stick accordingly. Ford insists that just like Drift Mode, the Drift Stick is only to be used on a track.

The Drift Stick will be available in American retailers from the 1st of December, and the kit, which includes the handle and a USB calibration tool is priced from $999.

There is no word as to whether the accessory will become available in Australia. But we’re sure a select few will work out how to bring it into the country.

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