Self-driving pizza delivery car

Ford and Dominos Team Up to Create Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Car


Ford and Dominos explore self-driving technology further in the form of a self-driving pizza delivery car 

Ford and Dominos are two very different companies: one makes cars and one makes pizza. But weirdly, they’ve joined forces to create a self-driving pizza delivery car.

The car is currently on trial in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan, and customers can elect to have their pizza delivered via the self-driving pizza delivery car.

If the customer chooses to have scrumptious meal delivered by the self-driving car, the car will arrive outside the nominated address, and the user enters the last four digits of their phone number onto a key pad mounted on the side of the car. Once the number has been entered, the window lowers and the customer has access to their scrumptious meal.

The experiment is important for a number of reasons; it allows Dominos to show customers what autonomous cars can do, and it allows Ford to develop the tech further before self-driving cars are officially on the market in 2021.

“We don’t want to wait until we have autonomous vehicle technology all ready to launch to start understanding these businesses, so we’re doing things in parallel,” says Sherif Maraby, Ford’s head of autonomous and electric vehicles.

A human driver sits in the Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Car, Ford says this is for safety reasons and to ensure the car parks properly.


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