2016 Dodge Viper ACR

Fiat Chrysler Ending Dodge Viper Production


Time is running for the iconic American supercar, the Dodge Viper, with FCA closing the Dodge Viper factory

It could possibly be argued that the Dodge Viper is the only true American supercar. But, it’s coming to an end, as FiatChrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced that is closing the dedicated Dodge Viper plant in Detroit, Michigan, as the company turns its attention to other high-performance models such as the Dodge Challenger Demon.

Initially launched in 1992 with a roadster/targa body, the original Viper was powered by a V10 engine lifted from the Dodge Ram pick-up truck. That V10 produced 400hp (298kW) and engineers pretty much avoided any sort of electronic driver aid and safety equipment fitted was basic to say the least.

Production spanned five generations, and over time, the Viper became faster, more powerful and more technologically advanced. The later versions are said to have appealed to customers who may have also had a Ferrari or other exotica in the garage at home.

Later versions of the Viper are powered by 8.4 litre V10 that pumpsout a healthy 480kW and 813Nm.

1992 Dodge Viper

1992 Dodge Viper

Prices range from $119,000 to $150,000 US and FCA says demand has ramped up since it has announced the plant’s closure.

The Dodge Viper was never officially sold in Australia, with only a few privately imported examples being sold in the county.

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