Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF Upgrade


Ferrari to endow Ferrari FF with more power, more gears and other improvements as part of mid-life overhaul.

Ferrari’s most unusual model the four-wheel drive, four-seat FF will soon be updated and upgraded as part of a mid-life makeover. It is believed Ferrari will squeeze more power out of the six-litre V12, upgrade the electronics in the all-wheel drive system and potentially a new transmission.

Carbon fibre body panels and aerodynamic revisions will augment the mechanical upgrades.

Power from the screaming Ferrari FF V12 is said to be stretched from 485kW to a lofty 515kW, and, it could be married to a new eight-speed automatic, superseding the current seven-speed unit.

The FFs is known for its all-wheel system and, this will be upgraded and receive new and state-of-the art electronic management systems as part of the update.

The body will also be fitted with carbon fibre roof as a well lightweight composite hang-on body panels, which will contain small hydraulic actuators that will assist in directing airflow around the car.

Inside, the FF’s four passengers will benefit from a new infotainment system, which could even include Apple’s CarPlay functionality.

The updated supercar will go on sale some time in 2016.

Image: Twitter

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