Ferrari F12 Compasso d'oro

Ferrari F12 Crowned with Compasso d’Oro Award


Ferrari F12 supercar wins prestigious Compasso d’Oro award for design aesthetics

The muscular, monstrously powerful and rather beautiful Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was awarded the Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass) design award at the Officine Ansaldo exhibition hall in Milan yesterday evening.

Judges were impressed by Ferrari’s ability to blend flowing aesthetically pleasing lines with intelligent and effective aerodynamic mechanisms. The F12 was penned by Ferrari in conjunction with famed and long-time design partner Pininfarina.

To date, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the most powerful Ferrari road car produced and replaces the 599, another front engine V12 supercar.

This isn’t the first time Ferrari has won a Compasso d’Oro award. Back in 2001, the Italian maker won the award for engineering ingenuity. Special acclaim was given to the firm due to its dedication to continuous technological and design improvements.

The Compasso d’Oro is held every three years and, 2014 marks the award’s 60th anniversary. The judging panel comprises of industry experts, journalists, historians and designers who hand out 20 awards to Italian organisations who they feel have achieved outstanding merit with products that best embody Italian creative flair and expertise.

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