Experts pick their top 10 car chases of all time


Auto experts have nominated their top 10 list of Hollywood’s best ever car chases.

The vote follows the release of the new car chase movie Baby Driver that is receiving rave reviews from critics and films fans alike.

The new film from British film-maker Edgar Wright opens with a chase sequence which looks set to go down in movie history.

Over the years many movies have delighted audiences with ever more audacious and breathtaking road-based stunts.

James Dower, from UK automotive data company Cap Hpi, said the movies had served up some unforgettable car chases from James Bond and the Bourne movies to Mad Max and The Fast & The Furious franchise.

“The iconic chase in the classic cop thriller Bullitt took pole position in our list of favourite chase scenes and from our list of favourites it really does seem that the chases in some of the older, classic movies have still to be bettered,” he said.

“Deciding on which one was firmly in the driving seat though was the subject of much debate but we all agreed that a great car chase can be exhilarating entertainment for viewers.”

“It’s a real form of escapism and that’s what we all go to the movies for after all.”

The Top 10 list of greatest ever car chases as picked by cap hpi’s team of expert editors is:

1) Bullitt
2) Ronin
3) The French Connection
4) The Blues Brothers
5) Vanishing Point
6) The Italian Job (1969)
7) Mad Max 2
8) Drive
9) The Bourne Supremacy
10) The Matrix Reloaded

Disagree with their choice?

Tell us which chase you think should have made the top 10?

We reckon the scene in the carpark from the 1978 Walter Hill movie The Driver with Ryan O’Neal is an absolute masterpiece.