Dodge Celebrates 50 Years of Charger with the Hellephant


Dodge unveils the Charger Hellephant at SEMA…and it has a 1000hp V8…which can be bought as a crate engine!

 SEMA is full of concepts that showcase car maker’s wildest concepts and creations. Dodge has taken this year’s SEMA to celebrate 50 years of the Dodge Charger. And Dodge’s celebratory car is the Mopar Super Charger Hellephant.

The Mopar Super Charger Hellephant is a restomod, and is fitted with flared wheel arches, a modern interior, quad pipes where you’d usually find the tail lights, a manual gearbox and “Elephant” badging. Oh, then there’s the engine under the bonnet a 7 litre V8 that’s a modern interpretation of the Gen2 426 Hemi engine that was so large people nicknamed it the ‘Elephant’ – hence the concept car’s name the “Hellephant.”

Anyway, that 7 litre engine kicks out a staggering 1000hp, or 745kW. Yes, you read that right.

And while the car is strictly a concept and won’t go into full scale production, the engine itself can be bought as a crate engine and can be fitted to any car of your choosing.

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