Holden Commodore

Choose a number for your Commodore


Like shoppers milling at an end of year sale, customers are scrambling for to get one of the last special edition Commodores – or more specifically the number they want for their pride and joy.

Of course it wouldn’t be a special edition without a number affixed and in a rare move Holden has opted to let buyers chose the build number they want for their Aussie chariot.

We’re talking about the Director, Magnum and Motorsport Edition models, which will be some of the last cars produced before Holden pulls the plug on local production and becomes a full importer.

It’s not just Special Edition customers that are being looked after too.

Holden is providing each 2017 Commodore customer with photographs of their personal car on the Adelaide production line.

Imagine one hanging over your fireplace or on the wall in your man cave.

“Providing a customer experience that’s over and above all expectations is critical for us and the feedback we’ve had from these two initiatives so far has been phenomenal,” Holden’s CRM Manager, Rich Wright, said.

“One minute before the Special Edition build number selection website went live we had over 1000 people waiting for it to open and three hours later almost 80 per cent of numbers for sold cars had been claimed.

“We’ve seen some definite trends in number popularity. For example all of the first 200 and last 100 Motorsport Edition numbers have gone as well as all double and triple digits like 55 or 555. It’s been great to watch!”

But time is running out.

Customers yet to assign a build number to their Special Edition Commodore are encouraged to visit the website as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, because the selection process will end at midday tommorow (May 10).

Customers of a 2017 build Commodore that would like to download a digital photograph of their car on the production line will receive a copy of their photos via the email provided to the dealer at point of sale.

It is important to note these photos are sent post car delivery.