V8 Camaro

Chevrolet Considering Cheaper V8 Camaro


Chevy could come up with a cheaper V8 Camaro to keep pace with Mustang sales 

In the United States, the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro battle it out as some of the most popular muscle cars in the Land of the Free.

However, the Mustang is winning the sales race thanks to sharper pricing. That could all change very soon, with Chevy plotting a new entry-level V8 Camaro.

Details are scarce at the moment, but a new and less well-equipped Camaro SS could do battle with the Ford Mustang GT, which is Ford’s halo car here in Australia.

Chevrolet product boss Mark Reuss told Automotive News that there is potential in the bottom end of the V8 muscle car segment “I think we’ve got opportunities at the very low end of the Camaro range and some remix of some of the V8 options on it so we don’t force people to buy all the options with a V8, just to get a V8,” Reuss said. “The Mustang and some of the cars in the segment will have a lower base price and that’s an opportunity for us probably.”

The new cheaper V8 Camaro could be of benefit to Holden and Australian customers too, with Holden announcing that they’ll be bringing the Camaro here, although it will be considerably more expensive than Mustang, just like in the US. A cheaper Camaro could give Holden a new hero car after the Aussie-built Commodore has gone out of production.

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