British Tuner Lanzante to Create F1 Powered Porsche 911


British tuning house Lanzante to stuff Formula 1 engines into Porsche 911s

British tuning firm Lanzante has developed a reputation for some truly wild projects, including converting McLaren F1 and P1 GTR into road legal vehicles. Now, Lanzante has turned their attention to modifying Porsches.

More specifically, they’re slotting Tag Turbo – the Formula 1 engines developed by Porsche for McLaren in the 1980s – to slot into 10 (and one test mule) Porsche 930 series 911s.

The project has been given the nod by McLaren and the cars will be modified to accommodate the 1.5 litre twin turbo V6, and will be fitted with a plaque that commemorates the engine’s original car and driver. For instance, in the test mule, which is numbered No. 034 was built for use with a car mainly driven by Niki Lauda. Alain Prost also drove the car with this engine. Lauda managed to secure a first place finish with 034 during the 1984 British Grand Prix.

It’s estimated that the F1 engines will produce around 750hp (559kW), which is quite a lot of grunt for an old 911.

There’s no word on price yet, but we’re guessing the 10 cars won’t come cheap.

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