Bullitt Burnout

Breaking news: They’ve found the Bullitt Mustang!


The Bullitt Mustang has been found!

Cyberspace is in meltdown with reports that one of the two 1968 Mustang 390 GTs driven by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullit has been found in Mexico.

I’m expecting Trump to tweet his excitement any time soon.

In the movie car collector world McQueen’s Highland Green Mustang is the car serious collectors absolutely lust for.

It is the holy grail of silver screen automobiles.

Steve McQueen - Bullitt

If true, this will be the barn finds of all barn finds, and with the 50th anniversary of the movie in 2018 – the timing is oh-so lucky.

Actually, two Mustangs were used in Bullitt.

Both were sourced from Ford as part of an on-going product placement arrangement with Warner Bros who financed the movie.

Ford also offered two cumbersome Galaxie 500s for the baddies to drive in the chase scenes but the film’s producers decided the crims needed an equivalent muscle car and bought two new Dodge Chargers instead.

And so the main players in this iconic car chase were gathered for the fray.

The primary Mustang saw duty as the actual chase car but was supposedly so badly damaged during filming that it was junked as soon as the wrap party finished.

It is this car that is supposed to have been located in a junk yard in Mexico.

The second car had an easier time because it was used for establishment scenes and sound recording.

Legend has it that the secondary Mustang was sold to a Warner Bros employee, who sold it to a policeman, who sold it to the current owner for – get this! – $A6,000 in 1974.

At one stage McQueen tried to buy the car, but the owner refused to sell.

It is said to be in a barn somewhere in the eastern USA , the mid-west or Kentucky depending on who is telling the story.

The cynics say that the second Mustang really does not exist anymore, that it has been junked by an owner with no knowledge of its heritage.

The thing is, nobody seems to really know. So, it’s out there somewhere. Just waiting to reappear. Like it did in the movie, over the hill, in the rear vision mirror and behind the Dodge Charger.

Anyway, time will tell if reports of the discovery of the primary Mustang are the real deal. Lots of websites say it is.

If it is you can name your price at auction.

The James Bond Goldfinger Aston Martin fetched $A4.2 million and the Batmobile went of an eye popping $A4.6 million in recent years.

How’s an even $A5 million sound to you?

David Burrell is the editor of retroautos.com.au

Bullitt Mustang

The Mustang and Charger go head to head in the movie.

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