BMW ute

BMW Ute on the Cards


A BMW ute is on the horizon to snatch up a slice of the posh ute market

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are arch enemies. So, when Mercedes launched the Mercedes-Benz launched the X-Class, BMW must have been seething. Now they want a slice of the ute action. Yes people, a BMW ute is on the cards.

Trouble for BMW is that they’ve never produced a commercial vehicle or a vehicle with a ladder frame chassis – Mercedes has a long history of making vans, trucks, buses and the G-Wagen – so they don’t have that tough vehicle heritage, meaning BMW will need a development partner.

Given BMW and Toyota’s shared efforts with the next generation BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra, a BMW ute based on the Hilux seems most likely. Development of the BMW ute is yet to begin, so it could spawn from the next generation Hilux. Should the Hilux/BMW ute marriage come to fruition, it will greatly speed up BMW’s market delivery time and they’ll be able to capitalize on Toyota’s ute making know how.

Most importantly, it’ll give that pesky Mercedes X-Class a run for its money.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Progressive

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Progressive

BMW Australia CEO Marc Werner told Wheels that BMW needs to plan its ute strategy very carefully “At the end of the day we need to cater for what the customer or what the consumer wants. The question is: does it fit with the BMW DNA and the BMW brand promise, or are we over-stretching the brand? I think that is the core question that needs to be answered, because from a pure engineering perspective anything is possible.”

Stay tuned, people.

Image: Wheels

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