BMW Starts the New BMW M8!


BMW gives us a taste of the new BMW M8’s exhaust note. And it’s oh so very angry

BMW has confirmed that it will be making a hot version of its upcoming 8 Series coupe, and will indeed be called the BMW M8. At the M Festival – a festival that celebrates all things BMW M, obviously – BMW started up an M8 concept car to give festival goers a sample of how their new hotrod will sound. And it sounds utterly delectable. And savage. It sounds savage.

There’s a distinct V8 below, backed by turbo noise and a popping exhaust. Whilst BMW has teased us with engine noise, they won’t actually confirm what’s under that huge bonnet. Our guess is that it will be the same twin-turbo 4.4 litre V8 that will be fitted to the upcoming BMW M5. Said hypothetical engine may be mated to an eight-speed automatic which could deploy power to an all-wheel drive system which could shuffle power between all four and the rear wheels.

BMW will race the M8 at LeMan next year too, taking on Porsches, Ferraris and heap of other automotive pornography.

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