M6 GT3 Evo

BMW M6 GT3 Evo to Debut for the 2018 Racing Season


BMW says better driveability and lower running costs for upgraded BMW M6 GT3 Evo Package

Two years after hitting the track for the first time, a refreshed BMW M6 GT3 will be unveiled in 2018. The new M6 GT3 will be called the BMW M6 GT3 Evo Package, and BMW says it has placed emphasis on making the car easier to pilot for novice drivers while reducing operating costs for teams.

The biggest savings are to be had when it comes time to rebuild the engine. The previous M6 GT3’s engine had to be rebuilt every 10,000kms, whereas the engine in the BMW M6 GT3 Evo only needs to be rebuilt every 15,000kms. BMW says replacing and or redesigning a number of key parts made this possible. What parts remains a mystery; we’re guessing they don’t want to give their secrets away to the opposition.

Development of the new car was undertaken at the Lausitzring in German, and all changes are subject to approval from the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile as a quality measure to ensure that all customers are getting the best performance car for their money.

“Thanks to the updates, the BMW M6 GT3 is significantly easier and more comfortable to drive. It is also more consistent. All this makes it less tiring for the driver in the cockpit. Driveability is really an important key to success. Congratulations to the BMW engineers, who have really done a very good job with the Evo package” said BMW test driver Philipp Eng.

In Australia, the BMW M6 GT3 Evo will be raced by Steven Richards’ BMW Team SRM crew. ““We’re hugely excited to have this update package on the way,” said Richards. “It’s an important step for the BMW M6 GT3. In GT3 racing there is as an opportunity once in a model cycle to look make big improvements, so it’s very encouraging to see such excellent feedback coming from the drivers and team behind the development” Mr Richards stated.

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