Bloodhound SSC

Bloodhound SSC Clocks 210mph in 8 Seconds


Bloodhound SSC jet car reaches 210mph in 8 seconds from a standing start

The team behind the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SSC) jet car are an ambitious lot. Back in 2008, they said they would attempt to beat the land speed record of 763.035 miles per hour (1227.985 km/h) and they had intentions of cracking 1000mph (1609km/h) madness.

Fast forward to 2017, they’re still working towards this loopy goal, and last Thursday, Bloodhound’s 44.5 streamliner clocked 210mph (337km/h) from standstill in just 8.0 seconds. The car was piloted by Andy Green, who had to withstand g-forces of up to 1.5 g, and the test took place on a runway in the UK, ahead of a record attempt booked for the second half of 2018.

The team is still honing the car’s steering and brakes, and the Bloodhound SSC has a ballistic drivetrain. The car is primarily powered by a Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine, which is normally found in a Eurofighter Typhoon, which traditionally has a top speed of 300mph (482km/h).

However, extra measures needed to be taken to give the Bloodhound even more power. So the team added a cluster of hybrid rockets produced by defense firm Nammo. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a Jaguar V8 just to pump a hydrogen peroxide oxidizer into the rocket. Total power is believed to be around 100,669kW.

Can the Bloodhound gang – no pun intended – reach their goal? Time will tell.

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