Betsafe’s F1 Weapon for Gumball 3000


Online betting company Betsafe to compete in Gumball 3000 rally with road-legal Formula 1 car

The Gumball 3000 is an eclectic race that is held annually, and is renowned for exotic cars, often piloted by A-list celebrities. This year, 120 super cars will compete in the the race which will be held from April 30th to May 7th and commence in Dublin, Ireland and eventually conclude in Bucharest, Romania.

Perhaps one of the most interesting entrants is the BGF1 from online betting company, Betsafe. If the name wasn’t a give away, the BGF1 is a road legal – that’s right, an F1 car with lights, indicators and a number plate- Formula 1 car with a Ferrari V8 engine and KERS system and a steering wheel borrowed from Sauber.

Betsafe says the BGF1 can rocket from 0-100 kilometres an hour in around two seconds and they’ve produced this teaser video of the BGF1 zooming around Manchester in the UK. It even stops off at the drive through.

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