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Aussie Creates Ferrari-Powered F1 Replica


Aussie Zac Mihajlovic creates a Batman-inspired and road legal Ferrari-Powered F1 Replica

Aussie inventor Zac Mihajlovic has created perhaps one of the wildest homemade cars ever, a Ferrari-powered road legal F1 replica. That’s a Ferrari V12, and one that has been sourced from a wrecked F12 Berlinetta in the UK. The transmission has been sourced from Albins.

The Ferrari V12 produces 573kW and 705Nm of torque and the car will weigh around 698kg. What’s more, customers will be able to buy the car at some stage, although expect to pay north of $728,000. The body work will be fashioned from polished aluminium or customers may have to option of carbon fibre.

In terms of the gearbox, buyers will have the choice between a sequential shifter or flappy paddles. A hydraulic lift system has been installed to negotiate driveways and other raised pavements.

Mihajlovic told Motor that he is said to have drawn inspiration from a car that he had built previously, a replica of the 1989 Batmobile.

“I had built some other cars before, and as most people know, once you sink a lot of money into a car, a lot of the time you’ll never get it back. It doesn’t hold value because it’s customized to what you like,” Mihajlovic said of the Batmobile build.

“So I thought, what’s the next-most extreme thing I could build to drive on the street? No one’s done it with an F1 car, they’ve done things like the BAC Mono or the Ariel Atom, but they’re four-cylinder and look like concept cars,” he added.

Testing will commence towards the end of the year.

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